Storm Weavers: Story Driven Solo Tabletop Game

Created by Storm Weavers

Storm Weavers is a unique combination of a classic gamebook with an element of tactical combat taking place on the board. As a dwarven warrior, you undertake a journey across the vast land of Midgard to find and rescue your friend. To achieve your goal you must overcome a sinister adversity. As you travel from location to location, you have to face strong orcs, clever goblins, bloodthirsty wolves, ice giants, all migthy gods, cowardly wizards, greedy merchants, bad people, good people ... can they stop you from reaching your goal?

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Prequel: new stretch goal brings additional 110 references to the book!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, May 03, 2021 at 03:51:53 AM

Greetings, Adventurers!

On the fourth day of our campaign we bring you great news - we have about 400% funding goal realized at this moment, and 7 additional stretch goals unlocked! It would be not possible without your support, thank you very much! We go forward, although a little slower than in first two days, but still onward with true dwarven persistence!

Printed Prequel will extend a core version of the gamebook with additonal 110 sections of adventure!

With the Prequel you get an additional 110 sections (or paragraphs... or references... as you would like to name them) inside the gamebook.  Maybe you watched videos from our dear Patrons and wondered why the Polish version of the book is thicker than the English version? Many thought it was about linguistic differences. But it was just that the Polish version was already expanded with the Prequel and the Epilogue, so it had more content! Together with the Prequel, the current printed version of the gamebook will include 380 sections ... and there is still a printed Epilogue to unlock! As you can see, there really will be a lot of adventure to play!

The Offline Gamer showing differences between basic edition of Storm Weavers, and the edition extended with printed Prequel and Epilogue.

So, what is the Prequel about? This is an adventure that precedes the events of the Storm Weavers core story. To avoid spoilers, let's just say that, as Thymin, you will set off to the Celtic island of Eirin to face the evil forces that threaten it.

The Prequel will be a great opportunity for a little fighting warm-up, so ready your arms!

What's next? 

Once again we thank you for your great support! Remeber that you are always welcome to spread the word about our campaign among your friends, who might be interested in supporting Storm Weavers! Although we have our game funded, we have still a lot of stretch goals to achieve. With reaching 45.000 EUR we will show you next tier of stretch goals to unlock. Let's hope it will happen soon! 

And finally, important information for our French Backers, who are concerned a lot about quality of translation - next week we will update you in detail about translators and editors in our team. We really wish to assure you that you have no cause for concern. A dwarven word of honor! 

With Dwarven Regards, 


Storm Weavers Team

New stretch goal unlocked and more news about the box!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, May 01, 2021 at 01:04:50 PM

Greetings Adventurers! 

After the weekend we are back with some really great news! At first, you have succesfully unlocked another stretch goal - printed World Guide and this is really awesome!  Hurray for you, Warriors! It means that our gamebook gets even thicker, expanded by another printed content. With World Guide you will learn more about Storm Weavers universe and its inhabitants, history and interesting places. You will receive it with additional illustrations that were not included in the original Polish version of the game.

There are more and more voices about the game box in our community. You have noticed that the game elements should be stored somehow. So, after consulting our printing house - we have the solution. The game will be delivered to you with the basic cardboard box, which looks like this:

Our basic cardboard box will allow you to store all the elements of the game.

This is the basic, simple version of the box, which will be added to each physical copy of the game that we will send to you secured in the outer packaging.

So what about "stretch goal Game Box"? 

Upon reaching the goal of EUR 90,000, which we are convinced is possible, we will give you an improved version of the box - one that Storm Weavers truly deserve. Made of solid (dwarven) cardboard and illustrated, it will make Storm Weavers a really beautiful box set:

 Many of you are concerned if we will be able to reach this streatch goal. Don't worry- we are entering the second phase of the campaign and we are going to launch some serious advertising support that will lead us to this goal ... and maybe even further!

Meantime, you are always welcome to help us with our campaign. Please have on mind to regulalry check and click "visit project" green button - this can help us to keep high on the Hot List and make our campaign more visible. You can also spread the word among your friends and publish news about us on your social media. 

With Dwarven Regards,


Storm Weavers Team

Short but important news!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 12:58:05 PM

Greetings, Adventurers! 

Today we have a short, but important update for you: we reached 45.000 EUR stretch goal and that means  our physical gamebook is getting extended by additional 70 sections of Epilogue. That means  Storm Weavers physical gamebook contains now 454 sections! This makes the book so solid that it could hit a skinny goblin for serious damage, when used as an improvised weapon. 

The gamebook gets thicker and there'e still Printed World Guide goal to expand the book with more printed content!

Another cool thing is that you will get extra illustrations which were not included in the Polish version. Our Artist, Przemek Gul, started to work on them today. 

Some of you have pointed out that a map of the world of Midgard would be a nice addition to the book. In fact this is a really great idea, we decided to make a map of the game world which will introduce you to the atmosphere of the game!

We keep marching forward! 

With Dwarven Regards, 


Storm Weavers Team

300% realized funding goal and 5 extra stretch goals unlocked so far!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 07:14:15 AM

Greetings Adventurers! 

It's a second day of the campaign and we have above 300% realized funding goal nad 5 extra stretch goals unlocked! This is a really tremendous effect! Thank you for your support! Also, if you could give us a little dwarven backup and spread the word about campaign, we will be very pleased! 

Goals unlocked so far! Great job Adventurers!

Now, let's talk about freshly unlocked goals: 

Mobile character sheet is a simple tool that allow you to keep the statistics of your Thymin in your mobile device, and make changes to them according to the plot (during adventure, Wisdom, Dexterity, HP, Weapon Bonus or Armor Class of Thymin can grow or decrease). 

The world guide is an appendix to the game, in which you will find a lot information about Storm Weavers world, creatures living in it, places and history. it is an atmospheric introduction to the world, that will make you feel even more at home in it. It will also give you some tips and hints about the game! 

Thank you once again for your great support! We keep marching on to unlock further exciting goals!

With Dwarven Regards,


Storm Weavers Team

3 Additional stretch goals unlocked so far!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 07:13:45 AM

Adventurers, You have unlocked 3 additional stretch goals so far: Mobile Combat Maps, Prequel and Epilogue! This looks like true dwarven rush! 

Let me get you into details:

Mobile Combat Maps 

You can play combats on your mobile device without using physical combat maps and minis.

Remember that this is not an app with programmed AI - it's just a tool that displays you a selected map, on which you can move  digital tokens manually. There's also a digital dice you can roll. 

But still, you need to have your pen & paper equipment to track how combat goes. 

Basically, it looks like that: 


This is an additional 110 paragraphs expansion about Thymin's past, in PDF file. Physical version will be avalaible as one of further stretch goals. 


This is an additional 60 paragraphs expansion that takes place after the events of the main game, in PDF format. Physical version will be avalaible as one of further stretch goals.

Thanks for your kind support! 

We're marching on! 


Storm Weavers Team